Firm Overview

Blind Lady Justice on WaterFor more than 38 years of practice in Dallas, I have been honored to serve clients in a variety of disputes. I focus my practice on disputes over employee benefits (including those governed by the federal statute known as ERISA), on disputes over other insurance benefits, and on disputes over consumer goods and services involving deceptive trade practices or warranties. I have a proven track record, including a number of reported decisions from federal courts.

I work aggressively to recover benefits and damages owed to my clients. Most cases involve a period in which the law encourages the parties to resolve their claims before suit is filed. Many disputes nevertheless lead to litigation.

I apply my litigation experience (including my track record of reported court decisions) in both the pre-suit phase and any later litigation phase of a dispute.

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Employee Benefits Litigation, Insurance Litigation, and ERISA Litigation

Federal CourthouseThe large majority proportion of my practice is devoted to disputes over employee benefits and insurance benefits.

Congress expressly found that the continued well-being and security of millions of employees and their dependents are directly affected by employee benefit plans, and enacted statutory protections for them within ERISA. Similarly, the Texas Legislature enacted within the Texas Insurance Code a framework for protecting insureds and their beneficiaries from unfair claims-handling practices, often known from the common law as "bad faith" denials of insurance claims.

I have long experience representing clients whose claims for employee benefits and insurance benefits have been wrongfully denied. My experience encompasses both claims governed by ERISA and those governed by the Texas Insurance Code. Employers and insurers often have their own long corporate experience with pre-suit procedures and with litigation, and might believe that experience gives them an advantage in court.

My track record of reported court decisions can negate that perceived advantage, and can discourage them from forcing a dispute into litigation.

Consumer Protection and Warranty Litigation

The other focus of my practice is consumer protection law.

Texas law offers remedies for many consumers who purchase or use a product or service, and who suffer economic loss as a result.

Disputes often arise when a product or service is purchased in reliance upon false, misleading or deceptive statements or advertising. Other disputes arise from express warranties, or from certain implied warranties that are imposed by law on some product sales or leases and on some product modifications or repairs.

I have long practiced in the area of consumer protection law. I have experience with disputes involving deceptive practices that businesses may use to sell a product or service.

I have experience with disputes involving warranties and contracts, including those worded to appear to offer more than they really do. I also have experience with the laws that protect consumers from such conduct, and with using those laws to seek relief for my clients.

I offer free initial consultations to gather information about your claim or other legal problem, to determine whether I can take your case, and how I can help you achieve your goals.

James L. Johnson primarily serves clients in north Texas, east Texas, and throughout the greater Dallas metropolitan area. I accept ERISA cases statewide.