James L. Johnson: ERISA Litigation Attorney

ERISA Litigation Attorney

I am Dallas attorney James L. Johnson of The Johnson Law Firm. I have proudly served clients for more than 38 years. I am a tireless advocate - for the claimant whose employee benefits or insurance benefits have been wrongly denied, or for the consumer innocently relying on a seller's misrepresentations.

I have a proven track record of presenting successful arguments in court. Much of my record, in the form of reported court decisions, can be easily confirmed by employers, insurers, sellers and their attorneys.

My experience and my record also help resolve many disputes before a lawsuit is filed. For most claims, the law requires or encourages pre-suit efforts that could make a lawsuit unnecessary.

Employers, insurers and sellers are less likely to force a lawsuit when faced with an adversary represented by such an experienced attorney.

I offer free initial consultations to gather information about your claim or other legal problem, and to determine whether I can take your case and how I can help you achieve your goals.

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Practice Areas

I emphasize two areas of practice: Employee Benefits, Insurance and ERISA Litigation, as well as Consumer Protection and Warranty.

ERISA / Insurance

Has your claim for employee benefits been denied? Have you been denied an insurance benefit from your employer's policy or from your individual policy? More >>

Firm Overview

I have a proven track record, including a number of reported decisions from federal courts involving disputes over employee benefits and insurance benefits. More >>

Consumer Protection

Did you buy a product or service in reliance upon a false, deceptive, or misleading statement? Did you buy a product that was defective, but the seller won't resolve your complaint?
More >>